Hi. My name is Marva. I am first a lover of Christ. In Him, I am valued, worthy, carefully designed, and beautifully loved.

I am also a college professor, a doctoral student, and a poet. As a Communications Professor, I have the awesome opportunity and honor of seeing my students rise to the occasion. Watching them surpass their own abilities brings me great joy. I never thought that I would be the professor helping students conquer their fear, but here I am. They amaze me every day.

As a doctoral student, I am daily encouraged by the continuous support I receive. Whether it is from my family, my colleagues, my students, or a stranger, God always has a way of sending me a doctoral cheerleader when I need it. This journey is hard, but not impossible. I just remember that I only have to do it one time.

As far as my poetry is concerned, I’ve been writing since the age of 13.  I am completely in awe that God has chosen to use me to write His heart.

I pray this blog brings you joy and peace. I pray it brings laughter to your life when it’s needed and warmth to your heart. Some entries may be practical, while others may not. Either way, I’m hoping to stay committed to this.

Other random facts about me: I skydived when I turned 30. I hate snakes. I love candles (Scentsy & Yankee) and all things essential oils. I love my natural hair. I would love to visit Ireland. Oh, and I could watch White Christmas everyday if I could.


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