Awaken woman.
Awaken from your slumber.
For I am calling your name.
…from the depths of darkness
…from the seas of sorrow
…from the shadow of death.
I am calling you.
Awaken Daughter!
My Love…
I am pulling you out…
…out from those hidden places…
…out from those hidden places.
Awaken Daughter!
And let my love over flow and pour out.
Let it shine through and give sight to the blind.
Let my Love pour out to awaken your sisters.
Oh, I am calling you.
I am drawing you.
For it is you I want and it is I that you need.
My Love…
My Peace…
Everything I am and everything I have is for you.
Oh, my Treasure,
I have so much stored up for you.
Daughter, I am your destiny.
Daughter, I am your future.
Daughter, I am yours.
And now, I am awakening your dreams you thought were dead.
And I am awakening those desires you thought weren’t me.
Yes, I am awakening your soul to eternal life.
And this life…
This Life….
Will be one you’ve never experienced.
For when I breathe Life, it sets all things anew.
Like a beacon of light, I am pursuing you.
For I am the Original Lover.
I crave you, My daughter.
I crave your communion.
Like a beacon of light, my love is reaching out to where you are.
Although you think you are in the darkest place and in the furthest corner…
I see you and I have come exactly to where you are.

So now,


copyright @ 2012


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