The Proposal

How many times have you had God propose to you? Yeah, you heard me correctly. I honestly didn’t think He was talking to me. I thought He wanted me to write this poem and use my name for the sake of encouraging “other women”. And although it is encouraging, it wasn’t until two months later that I realized He was talking to me.

God. The creator the earth. The One who split the Red Sea. The One who was a pillar of fire by day and a pillar of cloud by night. He wanted me. He wanted me in the best possible way. This is what He said.


Dear Marva,


Come and marry me.

Will you come and marry me?

For I am so in love with you…

with your beauty.

You are in my gaze.

And I have been in pursuit of you since I sent you to earth…

since I placed you in your mother’s womb.


Come and marry me.

And I will cherish you even greater than you are expecting.

Rubies and diamonds…

My Love…

My Darling…

I am desperately in love with you.

Oh, how I wait to hear your voice in the morning.

Your thoughts and desire towards me excite my Holy and heavenly heart


Come and marry me.

I value you.

I cherish you.

I love how you have given your heart to me.

How you desire your destiny to be in me.

I love your laughter.

I love your smile.


Come and marry me.

My princess

Come with me into my chambers.

There’s an intimacy I want to share with you.

One you have yet to experience.

And there, I will know you.

And you shall give birth to

My visions…

My desires…

My dreams for My creation…

And they shall become yours.

I shall place all these things and more in you to carry.

And when the time is right, the seed I have deposited shall come forth in its due time.


Come and marry me Marva


I promise you won’t be lonely anymore

And I promise you won’t experience a void of any kind

Your past won’t haunt you

Your future won’t worry you

(because I am Jehovah Shamah

and I am always present)




Please do not refuse my proposal.

Please do not reject my hand.

For it is I, your lover.

I am the only one who will fulfill your desires and needs by just being with you.

Oh, can’t you see?

Can’t you see that my devotion to you is unwavering?

Why do you still doubt?

Why do you still question if I’ll leave you?

If I’ll misuse you?

If I’ll reject you?

A broken and contrite heart I will not despise.

No, I will not deny it.

Even when you couldn’t see clearly…

Even when the enemy clouded your view…

I loved you.
I love you.


So take my hand in marriage.

I delight in you.

Let us delight in each other.

Oh, the many treasures and gifts I am waiting to give you.

And yes, there are so many.




Take my heart as yours

And experience pain no more.

For My heart is full of

Joy and

Healing and

Strength and

Comfort and

Matchless Love.


I want you and

You need me.


So struggle no more.

Fight no more.

Look no more for a love that will only come from heaven…

From me.

Did you hear me?

Look no more!

You cannot find me in those who do not know me.


So come my beloved.

You are the one who has captured my gaze.


Marva, come and marry me.

It is I who have sought you out.

I chose you.

Say yes to me.


Come and marry me.

Will you?


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