Save Me

7/21/14: Last year was tough. It wasn’t easy. It was full of shame and listening to the lies of the enemy. I wrote this poem as a plea! It was a cry to God for help. I really needed Him and was afraid of how His intervention would look. But in His grace, mercy, and Love, He came. He came and set me free. I want to encourage you with this one thing: It is okay to come to Christ in whatever condition you are. Fancy clothes are not needed. Eloquent words are not required. All one needs to do is come as they are. Come as you are.

Save Me

Save me from myself

Because without you I am lost

I seek my own ways

Fulfill my own desires

Without ever counting the cost

Come and save me from myself

Even though I resist the change that you began

Even though I fear healing and restoration

When I know You’re more than able,

You will, and You can

Abba save me from myself

From the old me that tries to resurrect

That lies that states “she” can do a better job

To let “her” be the one who protects

Come and save me from myself

For You are the one who saves

You conquered hell and death

Now come and rescue me from my grave



copyrighted @ 2013


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