In November of 2011, God spoke to me clearly. He was in full pursuit of me. He has always pursued me but this time I knew it. As a man pursues the love of his life, God pursued my heart. As I left church one evening, I heard Him speak the following words: “I did it because I had to have you”.

Nine words that brought peace in the midst of confusion. Nine words that soothed my aching heart. Nine words that made me feel as if I was the only girl in the world. After all I had said and felt, His Love remained.

He wanted me. God wanted me and only me. After everything I had said and done, I was still the first thing on His mind.


You want me still
After all I’ve done
After all I’ve said
You want me still

Even when I resist
You still persist
You want me still

You call my name with a love
that never changes
But changes me from the inside out
Love replacing fear, distrust, and doubt
You want me still
Because you love me still

Now this is endless
I can’t live without it
Powerful love

You want me still.

copyright @ 2011


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