Will you wait on Gods promises instead of succumbing to false
manifestations that the world provides?
Will you trust He knows what He’s doing
and allow Him to be your guide?

Will you wait?

For the promise, there’s a process.
For the journey, there’s always progress.
You can take forty years or three days.
It all depends on whose way…whose voice…whose call you heed
There’s always a way that seems right, but make sure you’re not led by deceit.
Who’s your master?
Who is your Master?
Or does it not even matter?

Will you wait?

Everybody’s rushing you to attain “your” goals
But Abba says, “Slow Down”, because there’s something that He knows
Something only He can see
He’s shifting, rearranging, so you don’t trip over your own feet…
So when you get there, there’s peace and not confusion
He doesn’t want you to give your heart to an illusion.
“Slow Down”, He whispers.
Who will you listen to?

Will you wait?

Timing is everything and Gods timing is perfect
What He has is better than your best
And Yes, you deserve it
But will you wait for it?
Will you allow His process to be birthed?
There’s a treasure yet to be uncovered
He wants to show you what you’re worth (and more)…

Will you wait?

copyright @ 2014


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