Your Love Leads Us

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The who fears is not made perfect in love”. 1 John 4: 18. 

After the phrase “But perfect love drives out fear“, lets add, “shame, confusion, lies, deceit, etc.”. Yet all of these are related to fear. Fear births shame. Shame births lies. And I then find myself in isolation.

At the beginning of this year, a dear friend of mine made the following statement “God’s Love Always Leads Us to Freedom”. As soon as the words came out of her mouth, God began to download the following poem. I pray today is a day of revelation for you. There is NO SHAME in God’s Love. There is only Freedom! There is Always Freedom! And whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!

Your Love Leads Us

Your Love leads us….


Never to shame, only to freedom!

Your grace and mercy overshadows me…

Love breaking chains that bound me, held me down for years…

You intercede on my behalf,

because you’re the God who hears.

And draws near when my heart cries

when my mouth cannot utter a word or speak

You rush to my rescue, for you’re the God who sees.

Seeing only who you made

Untarnished. There’s no shame.

Even when it seems my actions keep me out of your reach…Your embrace…Your feel

Violent love chases me, For you’re the God who heals

Even when anger and pride try to hide pain that runs deep like waters

You break down every wall

Causing me to hear your voice that calls…

That shouts and declares “She is my mine! She is grand!”

You tear down every wall…

For you’re The God who never lets go of my hand

Even when I tug and resist And try to do it on my own

You sing “I am not forsaken”

For you’re the one who never leaves me alone

You’re Jehovah Shammah: God is Present

In my loneliest hour or darkest day

I don’t have to ransom my own sin

For your blood washed them all away


Your love leads us…


Never to shame, only to freedom!

With a new song and a dance!

An Unprecedented Freedom, like never before-

To lift up our hands!

To lift up our staff’s and declare: “Look what the Lord Has Done”!

Your love leads us into the Kingdom!

Your love declares our Freedom!


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